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What do you listen to – Gesine Heinrich: voc, p

Don’t steal my heart – featuring HD Lorenz: b, g

Il Pappagallo – Der Papagei – The Parrot

Mein Lied über einen Papagei, der lieber schwarz trägt als bunt und lieber selbst kreativ ist als andere nachzuahmen.

Mein wunderbarer Bassist HD Lorenz beweist wahre Papageien-Fähigkeiten am Kontrabass!

Happy World Children’s Day! In these challenging times we should not forget to celebrate, the way we can: For all children and for all grown ups who are still able to behave like children if it comes to be capable of being astonished, of using your imagination, of breaking out in wild laughter and tears, in short of being yourself I wrote “Il pappagallo”. A song about a parrot who prefers to wear black and who instead of imitating others prefers creating. My hymn to all individualists and to human’s maybe greatest gift: creativity! I wrote the song in Italian because I love to sing in this wonderful language and because Italians can be as fantastic-crazy as my pappagallo every day – enjoy! My wonderful bassist HD Lorenz is playing out his parrot soul on the bass.

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Gesine Heinrich. All rights reserved.