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Gesine Heinrich sings Dante’s Inferno – 1
(The Divine Comedy – La Commedia)

Terze rime by Dante Alighieri
Original music by Gesine Heinrich

Dante‘s „Divine Comedy“ is a spectacular journey in 3 parts and 100 Canti. It brings us from the deepest dark, Inferno, via the lighter dark, Purgatorio, into the light, Paradiso.
On New Year‘s Eve 2021 Gesine Heinrich meets Dante Alighieri from 1321. The beginning of a dramatic adventure scored by haunting strings and one powerful voice. The singer and composer lets him guide her through his Inferno-Hell. Together they meet Virgilio, the antique poet, Dante‘s hero. And so he becomes their guide: Beatrice visits from Paradise, Francesca da Rimini tells about love, Cerbero demonstrates his cruelty, the miserly and the prodigal suffer from Sisyphean task by clushing huge weights against each other and then-arrogant-now-weeping-Filippo Argenti makes gentle Dante wish to see him dunked in the mud. Finally the horrible monster Gerione brings Gesine – sitting safely on the beast‘s back with Dante and Virgilio – to the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Gesine Heinrich sings Dante’s Inferno – 2
(The Divine Comedy – La Commedia)

Terze rime by Dante Alighieri
Original music by Gesine Heinrich

Singer and composer Gesine Heinrich continues her journey through Inferno-Hell guided by Dante and Virgilio. In Farce-Canto 22 they find themselves in a creepy horror cabinet of tortures and torturers and watch monstrous serpents dancing a cruel dance. Ulisse appears giving the famous speech of his last voyage during which he sailed the forbidden sea. Dante tells us about the limits of what his rimes can say facing the Ninth Circle of Hell. Count Ugolino tells his heartbreaking story about his and his sons and grandsons imprisonment in the tower of hunger. Finally, our explorers reach the center of the earth where three faced Lucifero stands frozen from the chest downward. A winding path brings Dante, Virgilio and Gesine eventually back to the earth‘s surface.

To a bird – Orchestra Version (Single)

A dialogue between a human being and a bird. This song was first released in 2018 on Gesines album Don‘t steal my heart in a vocal version with piano and double bass. Now the bird flies with orchestra.

Ich male Herzen
featuring Hawo Bleich, Klavier & HD Lorenz, Bass

I paint hearts on stones, kisses in the sea, warm hands on ice, I paint great dreams, mine, yours, the night will be long, I know – this album contains original love songs and satirical ballads by Gesine. About lifelong longing (Ich male Herzen – I paint hearts), misfortune in love things with a big happy ending (Fieber – Fever), an envious look on the life of a tape worm (Evolution), a satiric-philosophical obituary for the hasty ones (Die Eiligen), a love at first sight-story from one night (Geschichte aus einer Nacht) and a very angry apocalyptic song (Ecce homo).
Gesine‘s first official album in German. Performed in trio with her Berlin colleagues Hawo Bleich and HD Lorenz.

Sirenenzaubertränen – Shakespeare Sonette

The miracle has become reality: William Shakespeare did defeat time. And in black ink his love does still shine bright. After 455 years and more his sonnets are so alive that Gesine fell completely in love with them. Out of 154 she chose 22 and set them to music. Trying to bring his thoughts and siren tears to every German speaking, loving soul she translated them into her mother tongue. 5 sonnets she recorded in the original English version. Will‘s genius made it easy for her: The music came right with the verses while reading a sonnet. Here’s what she heard.

What do you listen to

What do you listen to when you feel low? asks Gesine in the title song of her second studio album. Well, you might want to listen to this album with fresh blue songs. Sincere and honest songs about love, about being shy in love, about doubts in love, about not talking about essential stuff in love, about eternal love, about unrequited love, about regrets in love, about being grateful in love. And all that sounds as if Franz Schubert would have found a jazzy bar piano somewhere in the dark and we for any reason got a chance to listen. When all of a sudden death calls…

Don’t steal my heart
featuring HD Lorenz on basses and guitar

Gesine‘s first album with original songs in English: Love songs (You know it so well, Don’t steal my heart, I have you here inside, Gimme more from that blues) as well as philosophical ballads (Before – an apocalyptic love song; To a bird – a dialogue between a human being and a bird). In her Broadway-Waltz Come let‘s waltz Gesine quotes from the song Kani vur djan im by Armenian songwriter Sayat Nova (1712-1795) who is still quoted in nowaday‘s pop music from Armenia and wrote songs in several languages like Gesine does. In I know the answer pop meets spoken word and A sailor sounds like a traditional folk song.

Il Pappagallo (Single)
featuring HD Lorenz on double bass

A song about a parrot who prefers to wear black and who instead of imitating others prefers creating. Gesines hymn to all individualists and to human’s maybe greatest gift: creativity.

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Gesine Heinrich. All rights reserved.